PickSix Football

PickSix Football is an American Football Simulation. Create a coach and build your team your way. With many great features already implemented and many more in the works PickSix Football wants to be your Football Simulation game of choice. So what makes us different then other football simulation games?

Create! Design! Call!

After you create your coach you can build your arsenal of plays. If you aren't happy with how a play works you have the freedom to edit or even delete it. With no limit on how big your playbook can be the possibilities are endless. If creating your own plays wasn't enough, the thing that seperates PickSix Football from other football simulation games is you have the ability to call your own plays LIVE!!

Manage! Upgrade! Control!

Unlike other football simulations you can control every aspect of your team. Sign players in Free Agency or work out a blockbuster trade deal. Set your ticket prices to maximize your income. Set your teams primary and secondary colors. Relocate and rename your team to put your own personal stamp on your franchise. And much more....

Develop! Practice! Guide!

Take your team all the way to the gold by building and developing your team. Setup a gameplan and/or call plays live.

Chat! Discuss! Hang Out!

Stay in touch with fellow gamers in chat or in the forums.